Managing corporate risk is a key issue for all organizations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Companies need to have systems
in place to manage and avoid damaging their corporate brand equity.

The purpose of the Risk Management Summit is to create a forum for major businesses from a few selected industries, to showcase their strategic thinking on risk management practice, from three angles:

  • Food Safety
  • Labour Safety
  • Infection Control

The selected industries to have a significant participation in the debate will be mainly:

  • Retailers and Distributors
  • Food Service
  • Processed Food Manufacturers
  • Facility Management
  • Hospitality and Healthcare


Sessions will emphasize practical ideas for business leaders to seize opportunities of integrating these practices into their organization in order to enhance their commitment to protect employees and customers’ lives, and to improve their bottom line.

The event will address and facilitate an open debate around the following questions:

  • How to prevent damage to the company’s reputation in the eyes of customers, competitors, suppliers, other stakeholders and the wider community
  • How to maximize the well being and productivity of all your employees
  • How to avoid damaging effects on turnover and profitability
  • How to encourage better relationships and more effective activities, between customers and contractors
  • How to minimise the likelihood of prosecution and consequent penalties.